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The Main Benefits of Reiki.
My Reiki Practice Room
Physical Health 
Treatments work to relieve numerous issues such as migraines, sciatica, arthritis, depression, chronic fatigue, eating disorders, tinnitus, anxiety, asthma, menopause, insomnia & so much more.

Ease Pain
Reiki Energy Healing stimulates & ignites the immune system and our own ability to heal, helping to restore internal balance therefore reducing pain and aches throughout the body. 

Emotional Cleanse
Sessions remove negative feelings & emotions aiding the release of the past, to move forwards, further aiding personal growth. Much disease & illness is emotional based so clearing build-ups & blockages regularly strengthens your health & wellbeing. It can help at times of emotional turmoil, such as break-ups & during grieving periods. 

Mental Clarity
Energy healing increases awareness, insight & wisdom. Leader to greater insight, understanding and productive decision making, especially at challenging times. It can be very grounding.

Reiki is excellent for personal growth; when looking to restart after a trauma, a life change, injury or ongoing issues.  Do email Emma any questions to or see FAQ's.
Practice is in East Twickenham & Home Visits can be arranged (+ travel expenses if over 8 miles) 
Reiki Customer Review: 
"Emma is a very talented healer, I would highly recommend you try her. Handserenity indeed!" Abi Nimmo. 
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Reiki Treatment Vouchers make unique gifts that can be truly life altering  for friends, family & your pets . They can be personalised & emailed or posted & are valid for 12 months . Appointment times are flexible to suit the client 7 days a week.  
'The Art of Inviting Happiness'
What is Reiki?
Reiki Explained by Emma Hands
Reiki is a natural and safe method of healing and self-improvement that restores emotional, physical and mental balance to our body, mind and soul. It was founded by Dr Mikao Usui, in Japan, in the early 1900s & when translated from it means 'Spiritual Energy'.

Life choices and challenges cause the flow of energy within us to be stifled; sessions remove internal blockages & emotional build-ups that lead to illness & diseases. Blockages and toxins accumulate overtime due to the complexities of life and negative 'learned' behaviours and thought patterns. 

Treatments work to relieve stress & anxiety, promote relaxation, strengthen wellbeing and ease pain. It can also benefit the recipient with personal growth, increased awareness, insight and wisdom. Reiki Energy Healing stimulates & ignites the immune system and our own ability to heal, restoring balance. This is why it is now practiced at hospitals & treatment centres throughout the world, such as on the Children at Great Ormond Street in London.​
​​Reiki & Fertility & Pregnancy: ​​
It is good to aid fertility and works well during pregnancy for both mother & child as it alleviates morning sickness, reduces fatigue and eases pain.
Reiki, Grief & Palliative Care:

It helps with the transition from the physical world, providing energy for the recipient to finalise things. It helps with forgiveness and anger issues and the removal of guilt, for example, about leaving loved ones behind. Encouraging friends and family to experience reiki after the loss of a loved one can alleviate pain and anxiety and help bring peace for humans and animals. Check out more articles on Reiki & it's many benefits for us all on the Blog Page.

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Hello I am a Reiki Master, Teacher & Practitioner in Usui Ryoho, Animal & Crystal Reiki. I am very intuitive, and empathic and have been on a spiritual path for the last 20 years. I adore helping others become the best version of themselves. Learn more here:
About Emma.
Natural Reactions That Can Occur During a Session:
Everyone has a different experience with Reiki, feelings can include:
Emotional responses such as tears; Feeling hot or cold; Seeing colours or lights; Stomach rumbling or involuntary movements or falling asleep.
These all occur as the body heals and re-energises. Do not be concerned if the benefits are not immediately apparent, changes can be experienced in the days after treatments.​

Cancellation Policy: ​Please provide 24 hours notice if you are unable to attend your appointment. We will endeavour to re-arrange the treatment within 7 days. Cancellations within 24 hours will be charged at the full rate. Disclaimer: Reiki is a form of natural healing and not a substitute for medical treatments and so it should be used alongside conventional medicine, in times of extreme illness. 
FREE Consultation​ Call 0208 892 4627 or complete this form & I will be in touch.

Regular Reiki Scheme
Incorporating Reiki into your health routine allows you to create an environment where you feel grounded and calm, no matter what is happening externally. Treatments provide amazing healing & personal growth & all for less than the price of a meal out. 

To sign up all you need to do is click the subscribe button & £45 will be deducted from your chosen payment method. A saving of £20 per treatment, all I ask for is a minimum commitment of 4 months, (Saving £80!) so we can really bring your mind, body & spirit into alignment. There is no contract with this scheme, you are free to cancel at any time.

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Subscribe here, treatments occur monthly & payment can be via the method of your choice. 
About the Treatment Sessions
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Healing Reiki can be transmuted through anything and as such the sessions are performed fully clothed. Sessions are conducted on a massage table and the practitioner will place her hands on or near the clients body in a series of hand positions. 

Each session lasts for approx 45-55 minutes. Multiple Reiki Packages of 2 or more sessions, not only ensures you organise a regular treatment to aid you with internal balance and healing, it also saves you money. 

Advice for the Session: It can be advantageous to not consume alcohol for 24 to 48 hours prior to the session. It is advisable to remove all jewellery for the session.

After the Session​: Be gentle on yourself for 24 hours post treatment, as the bodies ability to heal itself is heightened. It can be good to record any feelings or emotions, so they can be discussed on your next visit.
Payment in advance via Paypal or via Cash, Debit, Credit Card. To take advantage of discount codes on our social media & website call 0208 892 4627 or to book. If possible, please arrive 5 - 10 minutes prior to your appointment, thank you. Preview copies of the Consent Forms available here, for Distance Healing Sessions, the forms will be emailed to you in advance.

Distance Reiki Sessions

Healer Quote
Distance Reiki Healing is equally effective as in-person session because energy healing works with the physical, emotional and mental aspects of an individual as it evaluates the recipient's energy. Reiki is not limited by time or space. You do not have to be physically present to receive the healing, allowing sessions to be conducted from anywhere to anyone, event or situation. 

Each session is conducted at a time agreed between you and I at a time when you can rest and relax. It works well for stress, people looking for a new path or healing from an illness or trauma. Email with any questions you may have. It is recommended that you send a photo, your location details and anything specific you are wanting to work on prior to the treatment.
Each Practitioner is a conduit for the universal energy of Reiki. 
Reiki is not limited by time or space.
Stress "How we respond when our needs are not meet."
Secure Checkout via PayPal & Debit or Credit Cards
Each Practitioner is a conduit for the universal energy of Reiki. 

Animal Reiki Sessions ​​

Reiki Treatments for Children 

Crystal Reiki 

Handserenity Animal Reiki
Animal Reiki by Handserenity
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