Reiki Workshops, email or call for available dates for each level.
  1. WEDNESDAY: 21st or 26th Feb, 14th March or SAT 14TH APRIL 2018
    Reiki Level One - 1 Day
    Reiki Level One, One Full Day each plus practice at home. Deposit payable in advance to secure your place & then the manual will be sent to you via email, see full details below. 9.45 (10am start) - 3.30pm Deposit required to secure your place.
  2. THURSDAY 22nd or 25th FEB & 15th March, SATURDAY: 24TH FEB
    Reiki Level Two - 1 Day
    Full Details in the sections below, Pay the Deposit today to secure your place & the Manual will be sent by email 9.30 - 3.30PM. Email me for additional dates of all levels.
    Reiki Master Two Day Course
    Email me date preferences once the deposit has been paid. I can do 1/2 days, mornings, evenings or weekends - Workshops are available to suit your availability. 9.45 - 4PM Deposit required to secure your place.
  4. FRIDAY: MAY 16, 2014
    Crystal & Animal Reiki Master Courses
    Message for dates for 2018. Paying the deposit will secure your place - 6 available for each session. Call 07949089265 or email with any questions.

Certified Usui Reiki for Level 1,2 & Master/ Teacher Level & Crystal Master Workshops

Reiki is an amazing energy healing modality that ignites your bodies own ability to heal. "Change your world today with Reiki, learn new ways to more easily live a calm, relaxed lifestyle" Emma

Certifeid Reiki Level I, One Day Courses in Richmond

Step one on your Reiki journey where you will discover the History of Reiki, how it works & develop skills to perform self-reiki sessions. Reiki is an amazing energy healing modality that can transform your life. The workshop covers the philosophy and practical theory of Traditional Usui Reiki, with western input.

You receive the Reiki Level I Attunement, enabling you to use Reiki for self-healing. We will cover the chakras and how our thoughts affect our mind, body & soul leading to issues internally. Reiki removes emotional, physical & mental blockages. We will also cover how Reiki enhances your daily life & that of those around you. ​Level I is a practitioners initiation into Reiki and is open to everyone, we all have Reiki energy within us, it just needs to be 'woken up' with the attunements and use of symbols. **Email for group dates & one-one training. SAVE £10, if the course is paid for IN FULL up to 48 hours prior to the start of the workshop(s).
Usui Reiki Level I Sample Overview
9am -  Class Introduction
9.30am - The 5 Reiki Principles
10.00am What is Reiki
10.30am The History of Usui Reiki 
10.45am 15 minute break/discussion

11.15am How Reiki Works & Life Habits​
12pm Break for Lunch (please bring your own)
1.30pm - Preparing for Reiki Level I & Overview of Biology of Our Bodies
2.00pm -  Reiki Self-Treatment & Chakras

2.50pm Prep for Ceremony
3pm - Attunement Ceremony
4.15pm - Other Uses of Reiki in Daily Life

5pm Certification & Course Summary
Certfied Usui Reiki Level I One Day Workshop
Email once the deposit has been paid & we can get you booked in & the manual sent out for some studying prior to the workshops. Morning or Evening Classes available. 

Reiki Refresher Courses are available upon request for all levels, I, II & Master / Teacher, message or call 07949089265.

Certified Reiki Level II, One Day Course in Richmond 

This module will give you a great understanding of Reiki & how to prepare your Reiki Space. Examples of other areas covered include: Methods of how to perform Distance Reiki; How Reiki can be used to empower your goals & solve problems & How to combine Reiki with other Healing Disciplines.

Rei, meaning Universal or Higher Power – omnipresent – present everywhere at the same time. Ki, meaning Life Force Energy – the very essence of the soul. Keeping the flow of Ki energy high & unencumbered leads to a healthy and happy life, full of enthusiasm. See the more detailed Course Content Overview for more details. For anyone feeling drawn to learn Reiki then do get in touch with any questions. One-to-One training can be provided too. 
** SAVE £10, if the course is paid for IN FULL up to 48 hours prior to the start of the workshop(s).**
Usui Reiki II​ Overview 10am-4.30pm

  • Introduction to Level II
  • Reiki Gainen
  • Preparing to Treat Others
  • Creating Your Reiki Room 
  • The Reiki Session
  • Hand Positions for Treatments
  • Chakra Review
  • Break (please bring your own)
  • 3 Pillars of Reiki
  • Reiki Level II Possibilites
  • Sacred Symbols
  • Distance Reiki 
  • Attunement Ceremony
  • Non Traditional Symbols
  • Working with Reiki II
  • Quiz
  • Course Summary 
Certified Usui Reiki II Workshop next One Day Training Dates: ​​​

Certified Reiki Master/Teacher Level Two Day Course, Richmond with Home Study & Practice. 

Usui Reiki Master/Teacher Level Day One
10am - Course Introduction
11am - Reiki & Symbology
11.30am - Traditional Usui Master Symbol + How to Use & Draw DKM
12pm - Break for Lunch
1pm - Reiki Review & Learnings
1.40pm - Non-Traditional Symbols
2pm - Attunement Ceremony
3pm - Discussion / Review
Reiki Master & Teacher Level covers Reiki & Symbology, Traditional Usui Master Symbol; Non-Traditional Symbols; Attunement Ceremonies; Distance Attunements; Performing Reiki on Others & Advanced Reiki Techniques. This will be a 2 Day Course, split over a few weeks, so that students can conduct practice sessions between the classes. Once completed your learning will continue through life as you perform & further work with this amazing energy healing. 

Mastering Reiki is a lifelong journey, we all grow from the experiences we have each time we perform self healing or a session for an other, we benefit as we heal & cleanse our chakras regularly​​. Once you have completed all three modules & received all the attunements, you will be able to begin charging clients for treatments. Prices vary dependent on where you live & your level of practice & experience but this means the full course will be paid for very fast and, should you wish, you can set up your very own Reiki Practice. ​
Day Two
10am - Discussion & Review of practice sessions undertaken between classes
11am - 
12pm- Break for Lunch
1pm - Preparing for Attunement Ceremony & Attunement Methods
2.00pm - Alternative Methods of Performing Attunements
2.30pm - Distance Reiki Attunements
3.00pm Advanced Reiki Techniques
3.30pm - Close, Certification & Course Summary 

Certified Reiki Master Level Two Day Course
Email iwith anyquestions & to book the Course, as a group or 1-to-1 Training.

Crystal Reiki Course Certification

Curriculum Overview   
(final order may vary slightly)
  • Class Introduction
  • What is Crystal Reiki & How it Works
  • Reiki History & Symbols
  • History of Crystals & Crystal Reiki
  • Structures of Crystals
  • How to select Crystal & cautious list
  • How to store, cleanse & charge crystals
  • Attunement Ceremony
  • Working with the Chakras
  • Assessing Clients & Grid Building
  • Preparing & Performing with different Crystals   
  • Quiz
  • Course Summary
Handserenity Reiki Master Level
Reiki is an extremely powerful and effective energy healing treatment that restores emotional, physical and mental balance to the body, mind and soul and when combined with crystals, the results are amplified. The removal of energy blockages ignites our own immune system to heal, adding Crystals enhances and speeds up the healing process providing even greater relief, relaxation and emotional growth.

I have an article coming out in Kindred Spirit Magazine out in the the Summer Edition on this very topic. 

***Requirements: Trained in, at least, Reiki Level I & II. 

Message for Course Dates

My article in Kindred Spirit Magazine on The Life Changing Benefits of Crystal Reiki is on my  BLOG.

Each Course Manual will be supplied in advance, once the deposit has been paid, so that you can begin your study. Courses are held in Richmond Upon Thames and a Certificate is supplied after each module & within 48 hours by email for you to print & display, as you choose. Pay the full amount now or a non-refundable deposit of £50.00 Reiki I & II/£100 Master, which will secure your booking. The balance  can be paid via PayPal, Credit or Debit Card or on the day by cash, debit or credit card or Apple Pay. We have limited spaces so book now & start changing your world today. 1-to-1 tuition can be arrange, if you prefer, this will only be a small group. Please bring water & light lunch with you.

Cancellation: If paying the course in full & you are unable to make the date then please do get in touch & we can look at alternative dates. The deposit is non-refundable but can be reused on another day & the balance will most certainly be returned to you, if 3 days notice is supplied for cancellation.

Animal Reiki Certification Course

Curriculum Overview   
  • An Overview of Reiki
  • Using Reiki on Animals
  • Reiki Symbols 
  • Creating your mental reiki room
  • Distance Reiki 
  • Animal Chakras
  • Animal Meditation
  • Beginning an Animal Reiki Session
  • Practice Forms to use
  • Conducting a session
  • Performing with different animals   
  • Animals & their Guardians
  • Animal Reiki & Pallative Care
  • Quiz
  • Course Summary
Animal Reiki is a fabulous, non-invasive therapy to balance physical, mental & energetic levels, as with humans. This is a one day workshop, with the manual supplied in advance so there can be some pre-study. Animals are very intuituve and Reiki helps them with behavioural issues; personal growth & allowing them to 'let go' guilt free when they need to cross over but stress about their guardians. Animal Reiki can be done in person or at a distance, do email any questions. Requirements: Trained to, at least, Reiki Level II. One Day Certified Workshop 10am - 4pm.

Email for dates & advanced discounts