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My Crystal Stall is at Duck Pond Market, Heron Square, Richmond every 1st & 3rd Sunday of each month & extra occasional dates, check the EVENTS page or email for more details.

I have a large range of crystals available, email me for your requirements & I can post them to you.


 White Sage for Smudging You & Your Home

The use of dried white sage is a 2,000 year old Indigenous American practice. The shamans used dried sage plants on their fires as a ritual of calling upon ancestral spirits. Any conflict, anger, illness or evil was absorbed by the sage smoke to be released or cleansed from the energy field of a person. It can work for you, your space and people close to you. See my blog for details of How to Smudge.
£3.95 each or 3 x Sage Sticks for £10 (while stocks last)


   Reduces Stress & Anxiety
Place by your bed or a highly visible area
Celestite is incredibly soothing and encourages positivity, quelling excitable energy and promotes self-expression. These attributes are all doubled when paired with Amethyst. Amethyst is rebalancing and quashes stress through the Celestite. Together they promote emotional stability that allows you to bring balance so you can work on inner calm without external hindrances.

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​N.B. Crystal sets may vary slightly from the images displayed.


   Great for Protecting You & Your Home
Place on a windowsill on your main floor
Selenite pulls in positivity and circulates it through your home & keeps the energy bright & light. It is one of the Angel stones that promotes clarity of mind & enables strong decision making. Rose Quartz provides sound loving energy & unbreakable strength for you 7 your home. Place it in the centre of your home so it's energy can radiate outward, coming from the very core. Carry with you daily too, in a pocket or bag. 
​N.B. Crystal sets may vary slightly from the images displayed.


Delivery UK ONLY. Email for International shipping 
​Weight: 226g
A magical crystal to encourage intuition, the removal of negativity & banish insecurities & for dexoxification. 
Health Benefits: Helps with brain & eye disorders, relieves stress & regulates metabolism, helps with rheumatism, balancing hormones & menstrual tension. 

SELENITE Crystal Tower - Large 

Delivery UK ONLY. Please email for International shipping requests. Collection from Twickenham available.
   Selenite is one of the main Angel Stones. It promotes clarity of mind & enables strong decision-making abilities & good business practices. Use on the Heart chakra for truth & honesty in relationships. Health: Spinal column, aids flexibility & helps prevent epileptic seizures, good for breastfeeding & nurturing a child. A delicate Crystal, great for use by technology to breakdown the harmful electromagnetic field, so ideal by computers or your bed. For wealth place one in each of the 4 main corners of your home or office.
Height 20.5cm Base Diameter 4.8cm

Please note: My Crystal Market Stall is @Duck Pond Market, Heron Square, Richmond, TW9 1SX & various Mind Body & Spirit Fairs. Check the events page for up to date information.

PYRITE Crystal Sphere

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Beautiful Pyrite Geode Crystal Sphere, great for manifesting financial abundance, add this to the Wealth Corner of your home. This crystal strengthens and encourages a more positive & practical outlook on life as a whole. Crystal Spheres emit energy in all directions, providing a glimpse of what is to come &/or what has been. 
Weight: 213g Diameter Approx 45mm. 

Colour: All Gold (the red is sunlight reflection)
Known as 'Fools Gold' due to when it was first discovered, it was thought to be actual gold pieces.


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   Celestite, an angelic stone used for spiritual development and emotional protection as it eliminates worry, fear & anxiety and promotes positive energy & hope.
Health: Dissolves pain, eliminates toxins, treats eye & ear disorders and soothes muscle tension and calms mental torment. Chakra: Throat 
Delivery within the UK, please email us for International Charges & details of how to purchase.

Reiki Treatments

Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of self-improvement that restores emotional, physical and mental balance to our body, mind and soul.  It stimulates the immune system and our own ability to heal. Treatments relieve stress and trauma; promote relaxation, clear energy blockages and ease pain.
Reiki Offer Half Price

Customer Review: "Emma is very professional as well as highly intuitive and empathetic. I was so happy and positive when I left the session, it was exactly what I needed."  READ MORE

Crystal Reiki Treatments

Payment can in advance with discounts on multiple bookings or on the day via Credit, Debit, PayPal or Apple Pay & Contactless.
Reiki is an extremely powerful & effective energy healing treatment that ignites your own immune system helping you to heal. Combining the use of Crystals enhances & speeds up the healing process & removal of energy blockages when combined with Reiki. They give the session an extra boost & applying specific stones based on areas you are looking to improve on, really can make a difference. 

The session will start with a brief consultation (this can be done in advance by email) so the appropriate Crystals can be used if you are wanting a specific question addressed. There are standard sequences for the 7 Chakras & contain the main healing crystals that can be applied that benefit us all, regardless of the question(s) being asked, should you prefer. The stones will be placed beside or on you, working from the lowest (root) to the highest (third eye/ brow) chakra first. 

Animal Reiki Sessions

One of my many passions is helping your pets with healing, deep relaxation, stress relief and their development, as with human Reiki. When animals have experienced traumas from abuse, loss, a move or exhibit depression or behavioural problems then Reiki can help, it is a very effective therapy for your animals.

Gift Vouchers last for six months & I are in Richmond Upon Thames, unless you choose the Distance Reiki option, then it can be anywhere in the world! Do get in touch with any questions, or Call: +44 (0) 208 892 4627.
Certified Reiki I, II & Master/Teacher Levels 
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