Crystal Grid No 1:
Fertility & Pregnancy

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Builiding Crystal Grids for Specific manifestations and goals and placing them in key positions in your home &/or office can be extremely beneficial.
Please note the actual crystals may vary in shape & size but not in type or healing properties. The 4 types of Crystals listed below will be included & the Flower of Life can be printed from the internet.

 Rose Quartz is the stone of the heart, of unconditional love (for self & others) & emotional healing. Perfect for removing fears and resentments and for calming trauma and grief. It encourages trust & harmony in relationships; self-forgiveness & self-trust.  Increases fertility and aids the release of impurities from the body.
Unakite Jasper sets the intention "I am pregnant' like an affirmation, a fertility stone of  balance & cleanliness. Also great to wear during pregnancy as it aids with love, compassion and kindness and balances emotions. It is great for sensitive emotions, building strong relationships and healing from disappointment and for breaking bad habits and thought patterns.

Aventurine helps balance hormones & is great for good luck, compassion and perseverance. It removes suppressed fear & negativity & defuses negative situations. Protects again environmental pollution and regulates blood pressure and stimulates metabolism. It is an anti-inflammatory that helps with skin problems, allergies & migraine headaches.    

Carnelian aids with the female reproductive organs and increase fertility. Great for motivation, grounding and releasing sadness and fear. It is a stabilising stone that restores vitality and promotes joy and confidence. It relieves lower back pain, arthritis and depression and improves the absorption of vitamins and minerals and build metabolism. 

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